Major Scientific Achievements of 2020 | Let’s Look Back

Let's Look Back 2020 - GeekyMinds

2020 is finally nearing its end. It has been a tough year for all of us. We would like to take a moment to pay our respects to all those people who lost their lives in the pandemic. As this year comes to an end, we are not going to dwell on the negatives that this year brought us. Instead, we are going to look back at the major scientific achievements of 2020 in the fields of science and technology and move on with a positive note.

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Free Online Editing Tools for Content Creators

If you have been following us on our social media (if not, you should), you must have seen the different kind of content we put out on a regular basis. While making social media content over the years, I developed an interest in online editing tools as they are quick, versatile and easy to use.

We have already reviewed Adobe Spark Post in the past. Today, we would like to explore a few more.

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Software Development: 5 Skills That Matter As Much As The Language

Knowing a programming language well is important in a software development career. However, let us break it to you: that is not all. A well paid and software development role requires one to have a few more important skills. Here are the five most important skills that will make you a more successful and employable software developer.

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Design Patterns in OOP | Let’s Simplify

Hey Geeks! Are you planning to pursue a career in software development? If so, design patterns are a skill that you’ll need pickup soon. Therefore we introduce this new series, where we will dedicate one article to each pattern and attempt to explain it in the easiest way possible. But before we dive in, let us first look at what design patterns really are.

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A Web Security Checklist For Creating Secure Websites

Web Security Checklist - GeekyMinds

Hello there! As a web developer, I always strive to ensure that my websites are as secure as possible. Therefore, in this article, I have put together a checklist of 9 crucial measures that should be implemented by web developers to ensure their websites are optimally defended. The items in this checklist have been mandated by Mozilla in their Web Security guidelines for all websites and/or web applications. Let’s get started!

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