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Web development, just like any software development domain, requires one to keep his/her knowledge and skillset updated at all times. At GeekyMinds we help budding web developers in the same with our simple tutorials and guides on:

  • Modern Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Security
  • Programming
  • Best Practices

We also review consumer software like apps and games in detail which helps people make better choices regarding the products they use.

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GeekyMinds is run by Ravelix Studio

We are a team of self-motivated developers committed to building robust applications for the web. We run GeekyMinds, a technology blog for providing guidance to newbie web developers.

Apart from GeekyMinds, Ravelix Studio also provides freelance services. We are driven by passion and love for web development and are equipped with the experience of working with the latest and most popular web toolkits, frameworks and standards.

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GeekyMinds has been built and is run, by Ravelix Studio. Let us introduce ourselves:

Aritra Mukherjee (mukherjee96)

Co-founder of Ravelix Studio, Technical Blogger & SEO Manager at GeekyMinds.

Aritra Mukherjee (GeekyMinds)

Website, web app and hybrid mobile app developer. His experience ranges from designing beautiful landing pages to planning and implementing complex user interfaces.

Adrita Roy (adroy21)

Co-founder of Ravelix Studio, Technical Blogger & Social Media Manager at GeekyMinds.

Adrita Roy (GeekyMinds)

Web developer and graphics designer. Apart from technology, she loves art and creativity and aspires to become a game developer.

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