Best Casual Games for Android To Pass The Time

There are times when you do not want to play something engaging especially when you are travelling. You might want to enjoy something more casual and relaxing on the way. However, there are hundreds of casual games available and we cannot possibly mention all of them. Here are some of our favourite casual games of all time that you can play when you are bored or just trying to pass the time.

Note that the following list has no particular order and only contains puzzle and arcade games. We will be covering more soon.

A quick disclaimer before we begin:
This article is not sponsored by any of the games mentioned and is solely based on our usage experience of the same. Please note, it’s 21st century and data is very valuable. We encourage our readers to grant access to your personal data, to only those apps and services, whom you trust.

Bored Button

Bored Button Screenshot

This game is perfect for you if you have a low storage space. This game continues to surprise the players with new and challenging mini-games and updates itself with new games. At any point, the player feels bored with the current game, they can simply switch by pressing the red button in the corner. Moreover, you can also favourite the games you like and play them later.

Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D Screenshot

A fun little game of manoeuvring a ball through randomly generated obstacle courses. The game does not increase the difficulty as you progress through the game. Rather it randomly increases and decreases difficulty leading to a lot of suspense, thrill and laughter. This game is more fun than we can explain in words. With more than 500 levels (We are still playing through), you have to give this game a shot!

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Stack Ball

Stack Ball Screenshot

This game is the ultimate time killer. It requires only one finger for interaction and all of your concentration. The game is simple – blast your way through the stack of platforms to the bottom while avoiding the black portions of the said platforms. The gameplay is a solid 10/10, with just the perfect amount of haptic feedback for every platform you rip through.


Orbit Screenshot

A relaxing gravity-simulator game with beautiful graphics and calming music. The players are presented with new objectives at every level. You have to launch planets and get them to revolve around the black holes in a stable orbit and complete the objective.

That Level Again

That Level Again Screenshot

This game is possibly one of the wittiest puzzle games we have ever played. This game has multiple sequels and often has a finite amount of levels. The style of this game is amazing and challenges you with the same level design. However, you need to come up with new strategies from the given hint. Spoilers! You might be required to tamper with the device settings in order to finish some levels.


Mekorama Screesnhot

Beautiful graphics, a super cute robot and calming music. This puzzle game requires you to guide the little robot to its final destination through a three-dimensional maze. The game starts out easy on the player, increasing the complexity at every new level. Perfect for killing time and training your brain while you are at it.

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Hocus Screenshot

A fun little puzzle game based on optical illusions. With around one hundred and twenty levels, this game is incredibly addictive and challenges you with levels of increasing difficulty. Moreover, the graphics are minimal and has relaxing sounds and music.

Snake VS Block

Snake VS Block Screenshot

A fun and addictive casual game where you have to navigate a snake through a path. It is a new approach to the traditional snake game in the style of the infinite runner games. However, there is a twist. On colliding a block, the snake loses its length equal to the number specified on the block. It gets more challenging with each consequent levels.


Missiles! Screenshot

A simple and fun game where you have to steer the plane away from the missiles. The game is over if you crash with any of the missiles. The graphics are simple and overall has a great style. It can get challenging after a certain amount of time. Perfect for passing time.


Stack Screenshot

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This game has beautiful graphics with a piece of relaxing music. The concept of the game is simple. All you have to do it stack each slab over one another as accurately as possible. On making a mistake, the size of the slab decreases making it difficult for the player. Most importantly, this game helps you focus.

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