Like A YouTube Video Using JS | Random Fun

As you guys already know, JavaScript is a scripting language that runs in the web browser. Developers use JavaScript to manipulate the DOM, make their websites interactive and many more! This gave me a random idea – why not write a one-line JavaScript code to like a YouTube video without pressing the ‘Like’ button? Read […]

Arrow Functions Explained | JavaScript Basics

We have already discussed about the latest standard of JavaScript which is ES6. Let and const was one of the most needed addition. If you have not already, you can read it here. Let us move on to another important concept in ES6 known as arrow functions.

Keyboard Input Events – Explained | JavaScript Basics

Today, we are looking at JavaScript keyboard input events! We have included text input fields where you can test out these events live. Let’s get started. 😎

Five VSCode Extensions All Programmers Need

VSCode is a text editor developed by Microsoft Corporation. If you are new to programming, VSCode is a great choice because it has features like the inbuilt terminal to run your program and integrated Git version control. No matter what languages you code in or what project you are up to, here are some of […]

How To Exit App On Back Press | Ionic 4

Beginners in Ionic 4 Android development will encounter a problem wherein the app does not exit on back press from the root component. In this article, we show you how to achieve the same from any component in your Ionic 4 app.