Free Online Editing Tools for Content Creators

If you have been following us on our social media (if not, you should), you must have seen the different kind of content we put out on a regular basis. While making social media content over the years, I developed an interest in online editing tools as they are quick, versatile and easy to use.

We have already reviewed Adobe Spark Post in the past. Today, we would like to explore a few more.

A quick disclaimer before we begin:
This article is not sponsored and is solely based on our usage experience. Please note, it’s 21st century and data is very valuable. We encourage our readers to grant access to your personal data, to only those apps and services, whom you trust.


Kapwing is a versatile online editing tool with many incredible features. Whether you are want to quickly adjust the brightness of an image or create a funny meme, you can easily achieve those with the help of Kapwing tools.

Some of the tools and things you can achieve with Kapwing are: Meme Generator, Add Subtitle Tool, Video Resize Tool, Video Reverse Tool, Video Trimmer, Image To Video Converter, Add Text to Images and Videos and many more.

Check out the complete list of tools Kapwing provides here.

A screenshot of Kapwing Studio - GeekyMinds
Kapwing Studio

Kapwing has a clean design which makes it easy and intuitive to use. Kapwing has almost all the features for you to get started with content creation.

While you can upgrade your workspace for a price at any point, you can use all the tools that Kapwing provides for free. However, it comes with limitations such as not being able to save all your projects in your workspace and publishing videos longer than 7 minutes.

Apart from letting the users experience all the tools without paying a single dime, Kapwing does not put a distracting watermark over your work if you are signed in.


Canva provides a clean interface and easy-to-use online editing tools for you to create mesmerizing social media posts.

Canva also provides thousands of template from which you can choose from. Once you find a template that suits your aesthetics, you can customize it with the drag-and-drop customisation tools.

A screenshot of Canva Editor - GeekyMinds
Canva Editor

Canva is fairly easy to use. You can either start with a Canva template or start from scratch. In addition to basic text tools, you get access to numerous stock photos and videos as well as illustrations that will make designs pop out.

Even with the free version of Canva, there is a lot you can achieve. You can also upgrade your plan anytime, which gives you perks like more cloud storage space and access to more templates and stock photos.


FlexClip is a brilliant online video editing tool that comes with numerous free templates and easy to use tools.

Even with a free account, you get access to multiple templates which you can customise. You can also start with a blank slate. FlexClips allows you to upload media under 1 GB. Alternatively, you can also add stock footage or a screen screening. FlexClip also has a good library of music that you can add to your video clip.

A screenshot of FlexClip Editor - GeekyMinds
FlexClip Editor

FlexClip provides easy-to-use basic editing tools like trim and colour adjust. Additionally, you can also add filters to make your video pop out. You can also add texts, stickers and animations to make your video more interesting.

When you are satisfied with your clip, export it. On the free plan, you can only export it as 480p. FlexClip also does not add a distracting watermark over your video clip.

FlexClip gives you a lot of freedom with its free plan. However, if you are planning to use it for more serious projects, you can also upgrade your plan. It unlocks many different perks which allow you to work on video clips more than 1 minute in length and save your project files in the cloud.


Recordcast is an excellent screen recording which also comes with a basic online video editing tools. It has a minimal user interface and the tools are intuitive to use.

It is absolutely free to use and readily available for use from the browser. All the projects are automatically saved.

A screenshot of RecordCast Editor - GeekyMinds
RecordCast Editor

Recordcast allows you to record up to 30 minutes of the content of your screen. You can choose to record a specific screen or your entire screen. It is simple and quick. However, there is not much control over the video resolution.

The editor has its limitations. For instances, you can import media which are less than 1GB in size. Some basic functionalities are also missing at the moment of this review. If you are looking for something simple like clubbing small clips together or adding a piece of text, Recordcast editor will do the job.

How was your experience with these online tools? Let us know in the comments.