The Indian Human Spaceflight Programme was created by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to launch crewed orbital spacecraft into low Earth orbit. That’s approximately one third of the radius of the Earth, at an altitude of 2000 kilometers or less, where resides the much popular International Space Station.

ISRO is trying to achieve this with a spacecraft called the Gaganyaan on an indigenous GSLV-III rocket. It’s being designed to carry three people whose training and sustenance technology will be developed by ISRO in association with various national agencies, laboratories, academia and industry. The plan has got nearer to fruition with the Cabinet approving Rs 10,000 crore to the project this month.

Prototype flight suit for crewed mission (Wikipedia)

According to an article by Times Now News, the success of the Gaganyaan Project is “expected to spur research and development within the country in niche science and technology domains and provide huge potential for technology spin-offs in areas such as medicine, agriculture, industrial safety, pollution, waste management, and water and food resource management, among others.”

As the new year approaches, we are more excited than ever as India gets closer to her first manned spaceflight. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

Featured photograph credit: NASA