Jabra – Elite 65t: Amazing Sound | Let’s Review

The Jabra Elite 65t is available at a massive discount on Headphone Zone right now and I decided to order one for my WFH use. Here’s a detailed review from a guy who is a die-hard lover of wired earphones.

A quick disclaimer before we begin:
This article is not sponsored by Jabra or Headphone Zone and is solely based on our usage experience of the Jabra Elite 65t on our personal devices. Please note, it’s 21st century and data is very valuable. We encourage our readers to grant access to your personal data, to only those apps and services, whom you trust.


  1. Sound Quality
  2. Fit and Comfort
  3. Connectivity
  4. The Case
  5. Battery Life
  6. Features
  7. Packaging
  8. Final Verdict

Jabra Elite 65t – How does it sound?

Incredible. The sound quality is so good for a pair of TWS. I was not surprised though, as it retails for around Rs. 11k and thus can be considered a premium pair of truly wireless earbuds. The sound signature is balanced. Whether I was watching YouTube or listened to music on Spotify, it always impressed me.

How comfortable is the Jabra Elite 65t?

There are 3 pairs of ear tips the Jabra includes in the box. You will find the size that fits you best, but you will have to still fit the entire bud in your ear. But let me break it to you, the buds are not very comfortable, due to their size.

The buds are big and bulky and it becomes painful after 2 hours of listening. The strange weight in your ear will always make you want to remove it from your ears. The Jabra Elite 65t was released back in 2018 and the design reflects how old it is.

The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds nestled in  the box
The pair of earbuds sitting inside the box

What is the connectivity like on the Jabra Elite 65t?

The Jabra Elite 65t is a great in the connectivity department, especially with Bluetooth 5 devices. I connected it with my work laptop which comes with Bluetooth 5 and was able to walk one room across without losing connection or jittering.

The right earbud is the master bud and therefore the left earbud will not work with the right earbud in the case. The buds remember the last two devices paired with it and will attempt to reconnect to both automatically. The auto-reconnect feature always works on both Windows 10 and Android devices.

The buds also auto-pause when you remove any bud from your ear and it auto-resumes too when you put it back on.

The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are rather large
The earbuds are kinda large

The case is rather disappointing

The Jabra Elite 65t comes with a case that feels cheap, especially for a TWS which belongs to the sub 20k price category. You have to push the lid with your finger in order to open it and the hinge feels very weak.

It will probably be the first part to break with regular wear and tear, as the earbuds are very well built. The case comes with two indicator lights, one on the inside and another on the outside.

The outside indicator light shows the battery level of the whole case, while the one on the inside shows the battery level on the buds before you take them out. This is a rather handy feature as the Jabra Elite 65t keeps your informed regarding battery status at all times.

The Jabra Elite 65t case
The Jabra Elite 65t case

Battery life on the Jabra Elite 65t

As of now I use the buds occasionally. I have them paired to both my smartphone and work laptop. Whenever a call comes in, I would put on the right ear bud. The bud reconnects very quickly and I put it back in once the meeting is done.

I don’t find the buds very comfortable for music listening though and so I only use it for long calls, which may last up to 45 mins or more. The Jabra Elite 65t comes with 5 hours of battery backup on the buds and 15 hours when the case is considered.

For my day to day use, I only had to charge the case once every two or three days. Other people will have different experiences based on their use cases.

The inside of the Jabra Elite 65t case
The charging ports used by the earbuds

Other features

The Jabra Elite 65t comes with some more cool features, which are worth mentioning:

HearThrough Technology

This feature enables you to hear your surroundings better when listening to music or taking calls. Useful when you need situational awareness. It is adjustable and really works, not a gimmick.


The Jabra Sound+ app has an equalizer. If you like tweaking equalizers, this will come handy for you.


The right earbud has a single button. You press it once to accept/reject calls, play/pause music and press it twice to activate Siri/Assistant/Cortana. Press it thrice to activate HearThrough.

The left earbud has two buttons built into one and can be used to adjust volume, skip tracks, and so on. These buttons are not easy to use.

In fact, speaking of buttons, pressing them will push the buds deeper into your ear. I found myself holding the bud firmly with two fingers and pressing the button with a third finger, in order to prevent this. Very bad user experience.

Final Verdict

The Jabra Elite 65t has impeccable sound quality and connectivity. It has a firm grip but bulky form factor, which can be uncomfortable for prolonged use. The microphone is solid and ideal for taking calls. The battery lasts long enough if you are using it to make occasional calls. Should you be picking this up for Rs 11,999? Hell no! But is it worth it to pick up for Rs. 3999? I would definitely agree, provided it fits well with your use case. Check out the deal here.

Hope this review helps make an informed decision. Peace!