Spotify India | Let’s Review

After the long wait, Spotify has finally launched in India bagging a million users in a week. Apart from their affordable pricing and free ad-supported tier, what does Spotify have that sets it apart from other big players like JioSaavn?

Music Recommendation

Music recommendation is one of the many things Spotify does much better than other music streaming services out there. As you use Spotify, their brilliant algorithms learn about your taste in music in the background. This enables them to suggest you more music similar to the ones you like to listen, which is a big plus for me who loves to explore his favourite genres of music.

Made For The User

Apart from the usual Editor’s picks and Top Charts, Spotify goes the extra step of curating special Daily Mix playlists just for you. These playlists are categorized by groups of similar artists. Spotify takes special care so as to not only include the artists you love in these playlists, but also one or two new artists for you to discover. This comes in handy in those situations when you do not have anything particular to listen to in your mind and all you need is a quick fix by an expert who studies your listening traits in depth.

Music For Every Situation

Spotify has music for almost all genres and moods. But it does again go the extra mile to curate some rather unusual ones like “Dinner” or “Focus”, to name a few. This kind of music recommendation can do wonders to hook you into the app day and night, smartly integrating with all your day to day activities.

Affordable Pricing

Though the free tier in India, unlike say in the United States, provides us some special privileges like being able to select a particular track to play or skipping as much as we want to, you can switch to the premium tier to listen music without commercials interrupting every two or three tracks.

The plans detailed here are a fraction of what premium tier costs in other countries, in line with Spotify’s competitors here in India.

It’s Not All Fine & Dandy Yet

I am already super impressed with the quality of service provided by Spotify but still have not been able to switch to premium due a major problem: missing albums and songs.

Bands that I grew up with like Linkin Park comes with 90% of their albums unavailable. There are many songs missing from other artists or bands too, namely: Lights, Coldplay, Awolnation and many many others. This problem may be linked to their ongoing legal battle with Warner Music, who as per a Bloomberg report: “has taken to the Bombay High Court and filed an injunction to block Spotify from playing music from its catalogue on its streaming service.”

We would advise people to stay on the free tier and wait it out before paying for the premium tier, till all of Spotify is available in India.