Beyond The Visible – Dark Matter & Dark Energy

The never ending expanse of the universe around us has recently been re-imagined to be an expanding bubble contained in yet another dimension. The whole universe has been modeled to be accommodated on the surface of the bubble and researchers say this could pave the way for us to solve the mysteries about dark matter and dark energy. So what are they and how much do we know about them?

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Geeky Fact : 1337

C4n u und3r574nd wh47 15 wr1773n h3r3?
(Can you understand what is written here?)

If you are a gamer or take interest in geeky topics, chances are you have seen such notations. This kind of modified spelling is no coincidence, it is known as leet (“1337”) or eleet or leetspeak and has a very interesting origin. Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, World Wide Web did not exist and hence most online communication such as messaging and sharing of files was done using Bulletin Board System (BBS) usually accessed via Telnet.

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What is the Correct Way to Store Passwords?

It is 2019 and security is as important as it can be. Being a beginner web developer, there will come a point where you need to store user information like passwords. At first it may not seem like much but storing passwords in your database needs to be done right. Many people use the same password for all their accounts because it is easier for them to remember but an extremely bad idea as cyber attacks like SQL Injection and Phishing can put sensitive user data at risk. This article is for newbie web developers to make them aware of how sensitive information should be stored in a safe and responsible manner.

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Can We Not Forward Everything?

Technology has impacted people’s lives in massive ways. Today, social media platforms have become a place where an individual finds his voice and can express himself for who he is. Somewhere in between, technology has set the stage for troublemakers who love to spread rumour and fake news that can destroy someone’s life. According to Quartz, nearly 37% of WhatsApp forwarded messages are either scam or is meant to scare people for fun. Either knowingly or unknowingly, we are responsible for it, too

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ISRO ❤️ Reusable Rockets

The Wire recently reported that B.N. Suresh, an honorary professor at ISRO, gave some insight into the ADMIRE project at the Indian National Science Academy on December 26th last year. The project involves a reusable rocket complete with landing legs and steering fins. Let’s explore what reusable rockets are and why all the space agencies are researching them.

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