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Ravelix Studio is a team of self-motivated developers committed to building robust applications for the web. We are driven by passion and love for web development and are equipped with the experience of working with the latest and most popular web toolkits, frameworks and standards. This ensures that you get complete satisfaction when you work with us.

Meet the geeks behind GeekyMinds and Ravelix Studio


Web Design Services – HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap 4, Bulma, Materialize, Fontawesome

Ravelix Studio Web Design service

Whether you need an online portfolio for showcasing your skills or a full website for your business or organization, we got you covered. We have years of experience building custom websites to suit your needs.

Are you a back-end developer and need support building the front-end of your website or web app? We are comfortable working with some of the most popular CSS frameworks/toolkits.

Our Web Design services are characterized by:

  • Responsiveness – Designs scale automatically on all devices.
  • Dependability – We use your feedback to tailor our designs to your needs.
  • Delivery – Expect timely deliveries and prompt response.

WordPress CMS – Theme Customization, SEO, Google Analytics Integration

Ravelix Studio services include WordPress site customization & Search Engine Optimizations

Our services include WordPress, which is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS) with ~60.4% of the market share. WordPress is great for blogs, business websites and online stores.

GeekyMinds runs on WordPress and uses a heavily customized version of the official Twenty Seventeen theme. We have lots of experience customizing every corner of WordPress themes and optimizing SEO for WordPress websites.

Web/Hybrid App Development – Angular, Ionic, Capacitor, Cordova, Firebase

Ravelix Studio services include Angular, Ionic, Cordova, Firebase Hybrid app development

Hybrid applications are essentially web applications which run in Android WebView. This gives developers immense flexibility, speed and efficiency of building custom mobile apps on the fly.

Angular Framework extends the capability of HTML. It enables robust application development using its MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Applications are thoroughly tested and fine-tuned to meet your needs. We use Ionic Framework‘s modern UI library based on web components to build professional applications for both web and mobile.

Wondering if hybrid apps can use the device camera, fingerprint sensor, push notifications, etc? Cordova and Capacitor provide excellent APIs to interact with native device features. Integrating Firebase into your project gives you access to cloud-based push notifications, secure databases, authentications, data storage and analytics.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development – Setup SSL, HTTPS, Resource Caching

Ravelix Studio Services include PWA development, SSL and HTTPS

Progressive Web App (PWA) is cross-platform, lightweight, secure and can be installed with one tap from the web browser. Why invest in a PWA?

  • PWA caches crucial resources of your web app and update them in the background, enabling super-fast load speeds and offline usability.
  • Upon meeting the criteria for Progressive Web Apps, Chrome prompts the user to add the app to the home screen.
  • The resultant improvement in user experience can drive up engagements and conversions.

Learn more about Progressive Web Apps

Web Application Development with Core PHP & MySQL Database

Ravelix Studio services include PHP & MySQL Development

Are you looking for a PHP-MySQL developer? You’re at the right place! We have several years of experience building performant and secure web applications with PHP and MySQL.

Professional Content Writing in English

Ravelix Studio Content Writing Service

Do you require a reliable content writer for writing product reviews, descriptions, technology-related articles, etc? Look no further. We provide quality content writing services which are error-free, grammatically correct and plagiarism free in English.

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