Thanos Did Not Spare Google

Google has always had a witty sense of humour and has been making your computer screen do a barrel roll and triggering OCD for a long time. With all the hype about the new Marvel Studio’s movie Avengers: Endgame and the fictional supervillain Thanos, there is no doubt that Google will sneak a tiny easter […]

So Long, Google Plus

Google Plus is finally gone with a message “thank you for making Google+ such a special place.” Indeed, Google Plus was home to many with over 395 million monthly active users, according to Dustin Stout. Earlier last year, Google announced the doomsday (2nd April) for Google Plus, on the aftermath of a serious data breach […]

Let’s Compare: Google Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard

A traditional whiteboard has been an integral part of meeting rooms and classrooms since the mid-90s and since then it has made planning and sharing ideas, collaborating and working as a team simple. As of today, there are some software readily available that help you plan your group projects and collaborate with other professionals and […]

Looking back at 2018 with Google’s ‘Game of the Year’

With 2018 almost at its end, Google launches a fun quiz game named Game of the Year that tests your knowledge about the most searched results of the year. The game features a series of multiple-choice question in a click-to-choose format and a bonus round that involves swiping cards depending on how trending it was […]

Google is back with Santa Tracker

Google has continued their tradition of tracking Santa since 2004. This year, the app has got a “snazzy look and feel along with some brand new content.” According to Google, in Santa’s Village “you can practice basic coding skills, create original artwork, exercise your geographic chops, and learn more about charitable organizations like Khan Academy […]