What are Leet, Leetspeak & 1337 | Geeky Facts

C4n u und3r574nd wh47 15 wr1773n h3r3? (Can you understand what is written here?) If you are a gamer or take interest in geeky topics, chances are you have seen such notations. This kind of modified spelling is no coincidence, it is known as leet (“1337”) or eleet or leetspeak and has a very interesting […]


Whether we want to purchase something or are simply looking for information, we browse different websites on the Internet every day. It is said that an average user browses about 89 websites per month. If you ever looked closely, you might have come across different URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). In simple terms, it is the web address with the help of which you can locate different documents or files on the Internet.