Let’s Review : Sunless Skies

We don’t often get the rewards we ought to. Life is a cruel mistress, harsh and unforgiving. Sometimes it is better to reward ourselves than to wait for some benevolent twist of fate. At least we get to choose. That choice, or rather the option of having that choice is comforting. If one’s life is […]

Games are Weird

There you are on a Sunday afternoon, chopping trees punching sheep and building mud huts, few hours later you’ve been condemned to death by hunger games or something. Oh, the things we do for entertainment. If only the Romans with their bloody murder arenas could have seen us now. Perhaps they would have realized that […]

The Best Free Games of 2018

As gamers, we always love games that we can play free of cost. Like every year, this year some really cool developers released many free games across many different genres. But most of the times these games are forgotten and are forced to take a step back making way for the next shiny new AAA […]