Three Google+ Features We Badly Miss

Google+ is finally gone with a message “thank you for making Google+ such a special place.” Indeed it was home to many with over 395 million monthly active users, according to Dustin Stout. Earlier last year, Google announced the doomsday (2nd April) for Google Plus, on the aftermath of a serious data breach that exposed personal data of some million users. Let’s look at three Google+ features that we badly miss.

Counting from Orkut, Google+ is the fourth social media platform killed by Google. Google+ is still available for GSuite customers though.

Google+ is no longer available - GeekyMinds

Google+ Features We Miss

If you ever took the time away from Facebook or Instagram and delved into the elegant user interface of Google Plus, you might have noticed the simplicity of the platform and felt the creative vibe among the people.

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1. The +1 button (one of the most unique Google+ features)

Like any other social media, Google Plus allowed the users to post updates and pictures with privacy options that let you choose the ‘circles’ with whom the post will be shared. Along with that, users could to host polls and share Google Drive links. Similar to Facebook ‘like’, Google Plus’s equivalent was +1.

New post screen in Google Plus

2. Google+ Communities

Communities are groups of like-minded people. The purpose is to engage with a large group of people sharing the same interest as you.

Google Plus reared communities of all interests from puppies to sci-fi tech with great engagement among the users. Unlike pages, you need not be an organisation. Communities were a great place to find, interact and network with like-minded people.

Google+ Communities

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3. Google+ Collections

Last but not least entry on our list is Collections. The concept of Collections is to gather and organise all your favourites in one platform.

Say, you are a professional with a hobby, Collections allowed you to share everything you love with the world. Collections were different from pages, rather it had a more personal touch.

Final Thoughts

It is sad to see Google Plus joining others in their digital grave. We hope Google will someday come up another social platform which is secure and fun for all of us to use.

There is probably no way Google will bring back Google+ but still, if you want to try, here’s a petition you can sign.