What are Leet, Leetspeak & 1337 | Geeky Facts

C4n u und3r574nd wh47 15 wr1773n h3r3?
(Can you understand what is written here?)

If you are a gamer or take interest in geeky topics, chances are you have seen such notations. This kind of modified spelling is no coincidence, it is known as leet (“1337”) or eleet or leetspeak and has a very interesting origin.

Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, World Wide Web did not exist and hence most online communication such as messaging and sharing of files was done using Bulletin Board System (BBS) usually accessed via Telnet.

Leet speak was a way “Elite users” distinguished themselves as one knowledgeable about computers and technology, most prevalent in the fields of online gaming and computer hacking.

Other than communication, tech savvy people used this language to gain access to special community areas. Although with time, leet speak lost its novelty as more people got aware of it.

Use this online converter to translate English to Leet Speak.

If you think you are an elite user,
f0ll0w g33kym1nd5 f0r m0r3 fun 4r71cl35!